11/365 : 2/52

With week two of 2017 underway, I’ve had lots of time to reflect on the things I’ve done and plan to do. I am done the first semester of school; now just waiting for my exam date to come around. My textbook and John Green’s Crash Course series on YouTube have been my only companions this week. While I have spent most of the hours in these days focused on the Fall of the Berlin wall and Reaganomics, I have however managed a few hours to practice more portraits on my beautiful friend. The main focus of our time together may have been for pictures I am glad to have had the time to catch up with her, I wish I would’ve realized in high school just how much my life and everyone else’s lives would change after we left the halls of our small town high school. We are all focusing and doing different things with our lives, I am just so glad to be able to have the time to see old childhood friends. So here are some of my favourites from my day with Kelly.

I was really trying to work with different lighting and focus range on creating real more raw portraits of her.



twenty seventeen; a new beginning

After taking time off for school and life I have come back to an old hobby. I have no ambition to pursue a career as a photographer, I just enjoy exploring and seeing what is outside my comfort zone. My lovely friend allowed me to get creative with her and use her to practice my portrait skills. I intend on making weekly posts using photography as my medium to tell my 2017 story. I want to grow this year to create more, to experience more, to appreciate more, to love more. To just do more for myself, to focus on myself and my future but also appreciate the little things in my day that give me a reminder that no matter what happens the sun will rise tomorrow and that I should be thankful I am along for this wild ride we call life.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from working with Alex.